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Securing your environment

Security has always been an issue as far back as man can remember and today the security threat is even more prevalent.

We live in a world with an exponential growth in the use of the Internet for everything, where there is a social network for almost any interest (and they all want your profile), and where the lines between personal and professional computer resources have become blurred making it very difficult to control and secure information.

And so we have an environment rich for exploitation using techniques such as phishing, SPAM, malware, trojans and some very clever identity misrepresentation scams based on exploiting information gained from social networks that have been compromised.

Given this multi-pronged threat, ITMA put together a multi-tiered cloud based protection service. Combined with active directory enabled security, end user education and a best practice data recovery we believe it is a unique service.

The service brings together global leaders in their specialist fields to offer our clients one of the most comprehensive managed security suites available today.  We believe in this solution that we even offer a guarantee!!

Please take the time to view some of the short infomercials for a better overview of the service and how the individual solutions combine to deliver this global quality solution.

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Key benefits

  • Cloud based solutions deliver protection both in and out of the business
  • Individual Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders in their fields
  • Real time protection based on global awareness centres
  • Central management of all protection measures
  • Security awareness training reduces incidents of human error
  • Backups secured in the cloud can be never more than 1 hour old
  • Local Support

Technical summary

  • eMail protection - targeted threat security, attachment protection, impersonation protection, security compliance, continuity, archiving and protection against intellectual property leaks,
  • Internet - URL filtering and control, inline threat protection, web browser history reporting, compromised web site protection, bandwidth control, data loss prevention
  • Server & Desktop  - Anti-virus and anti-malware protection in or out of the office, real time threat protection
  • Firewalls - Deep packet inspection, SSLVPN for secure communications, secure remote office, protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, application control, bandwidth allocation, quality of service
  • Microsoft AD Services - protect against running unapproved applications and executables,
  • Education - training of end users in recognising compromised eMails, web prompts etc
  • DRaaS - data backed up every hour, replicated to secure off-site data repository every hour (backup regularity can be tuned to meet business needs) with recovery services
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